South Kansas City Bullies

SKC Bullies is a family owned and operated Kennel that breeds and raises American Bullies in hopes of extending our bully family to your family.

We are two combined families that have been devoted to Bullies for many years. We started the kennel to branch out our area and yours, not only in knowledge but in the best of the bully breeds. Our combined families have 5 kids who enjoy our dogs just as much as the adults do. We strive to put a dent in this cultural bias that exist against these amazing dogs, by showing their true colors in their individualistic beauty and temperament. We here at SKC Bullies strive to show each and every one of you why a bully is your families new best friend! From the bloodlines to the stature of the baddest bullies around our bullies are exactly what you are looking for!

We are located approximately 30 minutes South of Kansas City, Missouri. SKC Bullies was established in 2012, we have years of experience with the breed and only intend to expand our vast knowledge from here. We have up coming breedings SOON and these litters will be nothing but the best of the bully breed with Razors Edge bloodlines.



Please contact us for more information about our dogs and puppies for sale

We are planning a new litter .....









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